Teacher Talk

Classroom Teacher Evaluations

Language Arts, Mathematics and Technology
Archer Street School,  Freeport, New York

“Students were very excited about finding our own neighborhoods on a map. They couldn't wait to get started.” Leeanne Fisher
“The materials were exciting and child friendly (even) for 2nd Graders. I used this as a center. My focus was more on cooperation and problem solving through puzzle manipulations. Informal introduction to local / regional data should positively impact future curriculum (i.e. 4th Grade). Thank You!” - Leeanne Fisher
“It’s an excellent way to model successful cooperation and team work. The fact that I gave each group 20 minutes encouraged them to focus and try to complete the puzzle.” - M. Zielke – Garcia
“I observed the students, eager to participate in cooperative groups while working with Mapzzles®. I will be using the Mapzzles® website to augment their learning experiences.” - Jessica Polilaff
“Students were extremely motivated to use the hands-on tools in the classroom. They were looking at the legend as soon as it was assembled and tried to match it up with the puzzle.” - Jessica Polilaff
“I truly enjoyed introducing Mapzzles® to my students. I also enjoyed watching as they (a group of 4) worked cooperatively to complete the task. Many questions arose from my students' use of this puzzle. This in turn allowed for many various learning opportunities. One slight disadvantage for one of my groups was the fact that the bordering states were grey on the puzzle but pink on the color copy. This was only a distraction for one group – the others were not bothered by it.” - Noreen Puppo
“The students enjoyed putting the puzzle together and were really interested in knowing where they lived.” W. Garcia
“Students were actively engaged. They worked well as a team and they felt a great sense of accomplishment after completing the puzzle.” W. Garcia
“The students seemed excited about learning about Long Island. The students worked as a team to put the pieces together. The students were able to remember names of places because of the color coding.” W. Garcia
“Hands-on is always an excellent vehicle for differentiated instruction.” - W. Garcia

“An integral component of fourth grade Social Studies curriculum is the study of the geography of Long Island.  Having exhausted drawing maps and studying maps, Mapzzles® came along as a unique means of motivating students to learn and recognize the geography of Long Island. Initially, I introduced Mapzzles® to a small group of students (approximately 10 students) while the majority of the class was in chorus.  Not only was I impressed with the enthusiasm the group had for completing the Mapzzle, but also the cooperation that they demonstrated.  Immediately, students took on various roles, whether it was the leader assigning jobs or one of the helpers assembling the edges of the puzzle. Students began to identify locations on Long Island that the class had learned about. By their own accord, the students asked me to time them so that they could beat their time in regards to completing the puzzle. Mapzzles® soon became a request of students in my class with promises of doing all of their homework if they could use the map puzzle.  In fact, months after the initial use, a handful of students referred to Mapzzles® in their writing about a dream field trip stating “I would like to go to Fire Island because after we did the Long Island puzzle, I can see that it is not that far.” Mapzzles® is a wonderful addition to the classroom as it promotes knowledge of geography; map reading skills and countless opportunities for social growth.”
Liz Gorman, 4th Grade Teacher
Northeast Elementary School
Brentwood, New York

“The Middle College National Consortium Student Conference on Community and Diversity that took place . . . .was a smashing success in every way, and your Map Puzzles were an integral and important contributor to our success."
“Over 300 attendees met around 30 Map Puzzles and completed them in silence in under five minutes. The ice breaker brought people together, introduced them to one another quickly, introduced them to New York City quickly, and provided everyone with a rollicking good time."
“As a token of good will, we presented each of the visiting schools with their own Map Puzzle to remind them of their time in New York. Many teachers and principals vowed to frame them and make them permanent installations in their schools throughout the country.”

Terry Born
Middle College National Consortium
Long Island City, New York


According to this view
the world
consists of an
infinite number of
jigsaw pieces

that fitting together in
infinite numbers of ways
create infinite numbers
of pictures.

Pieces are essential.
Completion requires identifying the right pieces.
Ultimately, everything fits!