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How Well Do You Know the Geography of Long Island?

Test your Knowledge -- A quiz to test your knowledge of the geography of Long Island. Visit here before 'piecing' Long Island together. Piecing Together the Puzzle of Long Island Sound's Formation -- "More than a million years ago a river carved its valley 100 miles long to the south of where Connecticut is now."
Answers -- How well do you know Long Island?  Find the answers to the quiz here. Currents That Still Puzzle Ocean Scientists -- "One day last November, a man strolling on the beach at Point Pleasant, New Jersey – about 10 miles south of Asbury Park – spotted a watertight plastic bag that had been washed ashore with a card addressed to the New York Ocean Science Laboratory at Montauk."
Wreck Valley -- "Beneath the waves off Fire Island, the ship sleeps quietly. When the ocean decides to take a vessel as her own, the wreck becomes a part of it, playing a crucial role in the circle of life." How a Model of the Sound Was Constructed -- "The model of the Sound’s underside – commissioned by ON THE SOUND and executed by artist-cartographer Walter Hortens – is both an exercise in mathematical precision and, as the author describes it, a deliberate caricature."
Long Island Shipwrecks -- "Long Island is the home of the famous "Wreck Valley". Hundreds of charted wrecks can be found in the waters off Long Island.  And there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of wrecks that are yet to be discovered or have not been charted." East From Whitestone -- "The Sound begins in the narrow, steep-walled neck at Whitestone."
The Hidden World Along the South Shore -- "Glimpses of Long Island's history abound in the old shops, houses, museums and plaques that dot the region. But there is plenty of history buried under the water and sand, and it only takes a strong storm to uncover more of the past." Bridgeport to Westbrook -- "Shoaling again, the Sound averages less than 100 feet deep through its widest section beyond Middle Ground."
Maritime Treasures -- A map of shipwrecks along the South Shore of Long Island. Shoal at Six Mile Reef and Plum Gut -- "In this view looking north, the Sound's cragged bottom reaches eastward and opens into the Atlantic at Montauk Point."
Long Island Lighthouse Locations -- Lighthouses of Long Island, New York.  With maps, driving directions, and viewing guides. Fishers Island to Montauk -- "The abrupt canyon walls of The Race illustrate why the tides rush through that narrow gateway as fast as six knots."
Long Island Ferry Services -- Long Island is served by two year-round ferry lines that cross Long Island Sound and connect Port Jefferson to Bridgeport, Connecticut; and Orient Point to New London, Connecticut.  Sometimes getting there is half the fun. Captain Kidd -- See where Captain Kidd came ashore on Long Island.
When the Big Hurricane Hits -- "Nobody could ever have imagined when they saw the televised images of thousands of displaced people - stranded, homeless and pleading for water and food - that such a situation could happen in America."