Welcome to the World of Mapzzles ®

...where a growing array of educational manipulatives will soon have you charting new courses to places near and far from your own Home Town. These sturdy regional map puzzles provide easy access to education, recreation and gender equitable hands-on delivery of places, patterns and geographic information. Mapzzles ® are bringing young people, teachers and families together in a process of creative problem solving where conversation and the joy of learning have reserved your place at the table.

  • Colorful 18 x 24 inch regional map-puzzles of Long Island Cities, Counties and 13 Towns
  • Constructed of durable chipboard consisting of 108 pieces assembled in less than 30 minutes
  • Hands-on intergenerational geo-spatial teaching- learning tools and fun conversation starters
  • Providing the relaxing alternative to passive reinforcement of television viewing habits
  • A team building morale booster for engaging and improving employee performance
  • Montessori type manipulatives to stimulate the active minds and bodies of children of all ages
  • Self-esteem builders and aids to memory found useful in rehabilitation
  • Beneficial to persons in occupational therapy or early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • A wholesome fun activity for regional Long Island puzzlers and lifelong learners everywhere

with the only manipulative map 
of Long Island in the WHOLE  flat World

Our puzzles will become valuable aids in your child's
 learning development and will help them:

~ acquire eye-hand coordination ~

~ expand fine motor skills ~

~ reinforce her/his attention to detail ~

~ foster self-confidence ~

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